Kelsi Brown raises £650 by walking the Forth Bridge

Kelsi's story

My name is Kelsi Brown and I am almost 6 years old. When my mum was pregnant she had a scan done and it showed I had enlarged kidneys. When I was born I had some tests and scans done and it was confirmed I had Renal Reflux which made me really unwell for most of the first 3 years of my life!!

I had to take daily antibiotics to try help me from getting nasty bugs in my urine and kidneys. I was only 2 weeks old when I started my first course. Unfortunately the yucky medicine did not keep all the bugs away making me spend lots of time in hospital and for me to be looked after with special care from the lovely doctors and nurses at the childrens ward, Livingston.

I had an operation called a sting procedure done when I was 3 and a half but unfortunately it was unsuccessful and I underwent a second sting procedure just before I was 4. This operation had a higher success rate. The sting procedure was to correct my enlarged valves on my ureters and bladder by clogging them up with tissue to try stopping my urine travelling back to my kidneys. Unfortunately because I have had so many infections my kidneys are showing lots of scarring.

I have been keeping really well over these passed 2 years and come off my daily medication over a year ago and have been infection free to date :)). I still attend Uriflow Clinic at Sick Kids, Edinburgh every 6 months and get to see the lovely urology nurses Sunni and Ruth.

I wanted to do a sponsored walk to raise money for kidney kids scotland because I want to help children who have renal problems just like I did!!!

I enjoyed walking over the Forth Road Bridge and also enjoyed the beautiful views.

So so pleased to have raised £650 for this charity.

Love Kelsi Brown