Wiktoria and her friend Megan raise a fantastic

My name is Woktoria and my friend's name is Megan. We are 8 years old. On the 2nd of August we did a walk for Kidney Kids. We raised £120. We were supposed to walk the Forth Road Bridge, but because the weather was bad we did a walk around Armadale where we live. The walk was a mile in length and we had to do it with our umbrellas because of the rain. It was cold as well.

We did this for Kidney Kids because they have helped my family and my little brother when we were really needing it. My little brother Joshua is 2 now and has kidney failure. He was born like that but we found out when he was 10 weeks old. It was a shock for us! and for me because since we found out Joshua must to go the hospital. He spent there nearly 6 months without a break with my Mum and Step Dad. I did miss Joshua so much but now he is better and he follows me everywhere!#

Thank Kidney Kids for all your help in the past and we will do more in the future.

Thank you    Wiktoria and Megan xx