Trustees Annual Report


Review of our Activities 2020/2021

We knew that this year was going to be a challenge and it certainly turned out to be.

The Charity has survived this very difficult year in a fairly healthy state and this is due in no small way to the amazing support given by Trusts and Companies. A huge thank you goes to all who have supported Kidney Kids Scotland. This combined with the Government furlough scheme has ensured that the Charity will commence the new year with enthusiasm. I am sure that this will be needed going forward as we see some hard times ahead.

Glasgow was paid the balance for three new Haemodialysis Machines and were supplied with a blood pressure monitor. These Haemodialysis Machines were urgently needed in the ward as the numbers of children requiring this treatment have increased so much over the year and the machines they were being treated on were at the end of their useful life.

Children receiving in-centre Haemodialysis treatment (dialysis treatment for children with end stage renal failure) have to travel to The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow three times a week for approximately three-four hours at a time, no matter their postcode. This hospital is the only hospital in Scotland to provide Haemodialysis Treatment. This treatment is a lifeline for these children and it is therefore important for the Charity to give support to the Haemodialysis Unit in Glasgow. The Charity has supplied the majority of Haemodialysis Machines in the Unit and makes it a priority to update and replace these machines as and when needed. Keeping these machines in excellent condition ensures that the most chronically ill children receive the best possible treatment available. Unfortunately, we have seen a great increase of children having to travel great distances on a regular basis. This can be both financially and emotionally destroying for a family and we have seen an increase in funds being distributed this way

The only other treatment, and by far the best treatment, available for children with end stage failure is a Transplant. Kidney Kids Scotland worked with Dr. Deepa Athavale producing and funding the printing of an information booklet for families to help them leading up to a transplant. This booklet has been very well received with both parents and children benefiting so much from the information provided.


Help for Scottish Families

As always Scottish families who have been disadvantaged by their child’s renal illness have been a priority for the Charity and as such we continue to support them in many ways. Sometimes just a listening ear is all that is needed, putting them in touch with another family with the same problems or pointing the family in the right direction or helping them when they are financially embarrassed. It is the Charity’s view that no parent should have to worry about potential financial problems in addition to worrying about their sick child. This year, there has been an increased number of small donations to families who have been struggling financially. Although some of these assistances have been small in monetary value, the impact this has on a family is huge. They know they are no longer on their own and that worries can be shared. To this end, efforts have been made to ensure that every family who either must travel a distance to The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow or has to take time off from their job to be with their child can do so without having to have the stress of wondering where the money is coming from.

Financial support for families is, as always, the greatest number of requests received by the Charity and these are referred by either a medical person or a social worker. Approximately one quarter of the funds the Charity has disbursed goes directly to help families in various forms. It is important that families continue to receive this very valuable support as living and coping with a sick child can impact greatly on family life. This is and will always continue to be one of the main objectives of the Charity. It has become apparent to the Charity during this again very difficult year just how important this support is.

Unfortunately the Family Weekend had again to be cancelled. We regret this so much as the weekend is a chance for families to spend time with one another in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Children and parents alike meet with other families facing similar problems enabling them to share issues and learn from and support each other. Consultants have reported a noticeable positive attitude in their clinics. We are very grateful to these dedicated professional people who give up very valuable time-off to help ensure that parents have a better understanding of their child’s illness. It is always wonderful to watch the children’s faces enjoy the entertainment and crèche. The families have fantastic break and they also come away far more knowledgeable and far more relaxed. We have booked the next weekend for May 2022 and are hopeful that this much needed event will go ahead

Another event which had unfortunately to be cancelled was the British Transplant Games. This is a chance for these incredibly brave youngster to show what they can do and be normal children. The 2022 Games are scheduled to take place in Leeds and all are looking forward to this event.

Scottish Paediatric Renal & Urology Network (SPRUN)

A Scottish Paediatric Renal Urology Network (SPRUN) was set up in 2005 to help standardise local child renal care throughout Scotland. The Charity is a founder member of this Network and has provided further funding to help towards achieving this goal. Being a member allows the Charity to be the voice of families with medical people directly. This is valuable both for the parents and for medical people alike.

Normally Kidney Kids Scotland would celebrate and make an event of World Kidney Day. However this year this was not possible and so we went ahead with a Golf competition which was extremely successful. A huge thank you goes to all who took part and for the amazing support given to us by Golf officials and members. It is hoped that we can make this an Annual Event.

It is the policy of the Trustees to maintain the unrestricted reserves of the Charity at three months expenditure.

The Charity’s funds are distributed on an on-going basis and therefore no funds are retained for long term investments.

It is the policy of the Trustees to maintain the unrestricted reserves of the Charity at three months expenditure.

The Charity’s funds are distributed on an on-going basis and therefore no funds are retained for long term investments.