Your Stories

We would be delighted to print any stories from anyone who would like to share their experiences with other people. It does help to know that other people are going through the same thing.

My life with Epispadias

I was born with a very rare condition called epispadias. This means my urethra didn't grow properly. Although this was diagnosed when I was born, I di

Message from a mum with a son who has Epispadius

No one story is the same. Some opted for bladder closure straight away, some just accepted being wet and some like us have tried several different rou

John Paul and Franks Story

Where to start? I could talk for hours about John Paul's story. He’s been through more in his 8 years than I have in my lifetime. John Paul was

Omid's Story

In 1993, I was born with one kidney, which began to fail over time. This meant I would at some point have to go on dialysis, and later have a transpla

Caitlin's Story

When my mum was pregnant with me the doctors saw that I had something wrong with my right kidney and later, found out that I had 4 ureters (!) inste

Jake Story

Jake Hossack and his Mum Connie have had a close relationship with Kidney Kids Scotland since 2007 and Jake wanted to share his story. Connie describ

Zoe Buchanan

My Name is Zoe Buchanan. Im 17 years old girl and currently living in the Sheltand Islands. I live with my Mum, Jill Bentley,my Step Dad, Colin Nicols

Becca's story

Hello, I am Becca. A pupil of Perth High School, S3. I think Kidney Kids has helped my family so much as my brother has kidney failure. My brother was

Ethan's story

Hi my name is Ethan, I have Nephrotic Syndrome and I have to go to hospital quite often. I have written this to help you understand what will happen w

Morgan's story

Hi, my name is Morgan, I have been a patient at the Renal Unit sick kids Glasgow since I was two years old, I am now nine.   My favourite nurse