Charity of the Year


Engage your staff and/or customers with this hugely inspiring cause that has a huge impact on the lives of many children living in your community.  Working with a charity like Kidney Kids Scotland can create goodwill amongst staff and customers, provide marketing opportunities, capture a new audience, provide a recruitment incentive and  a nice morale booster for employees and offer the chance to make a difference.

Nominate Kidney Kids Scotland as your Charity of the Year and help to make a very real difference.

Encourage team building – organise a fun event or activity that gets staff & customers involved or encourage employee’s to come up with some creative fundraising ideas of their own.  It is amazing what a team of people can come up with!  Working together for a shared goal can create stronger bonds amongst staff and help build on good working relationships.

Boost staff morale – by getting involved and seeing the difference that can be made, staff can feel a sense of purpose and connection with their community.   Knowing that you have helped to improve the lives of children can give extra meaning to the working day, week or year and create a real sense of achievement.

Positive PR opportunities – As a company you can harness the positivity of getting behind a fantastic cause to promote the philanthropic culture of your organisation and to be seen as a company that gives back! Being seen to make a difference in the community can have a hugely beneficial effect for organisations.  Kidney Kids Scotland will also be delighted to promote any activities and involvement through our website and social media outlets.


There is a range of ways to get involved by nominating Kidney Kids Scotland.  You could focus on one particular event or activity or hold a range of activities throughout the year. 

Staff Cake Bake/Sponsored Abseil/‘Splat the Manager’/Sponsored Run/Dress Down Day/Company Raffle/Black Tie Event/Family Fun Day/Open Day/It’s a Knockout/Tuck Shop Fund/Can Collections/Sponsored Beard Cut or Leg Wax/Run or Walk 5K, 10K, half marathon/donate % of ticket sales or product sales/social media incentives….etc

You could nominate a charity team or committee to plan the awareness/fundraising program or encourage individual staff to volunteer or to take up their own pursuits.  If you need a little help coming up with some ideas, Kidney Kids Scotland have a variety of fun fundraising ideas to suit all levels of support.  There are also a range of existing events and activities that you and your colleagues could get excited about.

Put your company at the heart of the community and nominate Kidney Kids Scotland as your Charity of the Year.

For more details  or to discuss your involvement contact 01324 555843 or email


We announced that as part of our celebrations to mark our fourth year in business we were going to raise £2,000 for Kidney Kids Scotland.  We're delighted to say that we have overachieved, by some 35%, and ….we were delighted to be able to present a cheque for £2699.96 to Kidney Kids Scotland.                                                                 

Yes, we had good fun doing it, but that's the secret of success and we were very pleased to be able to make a donation that will help children who suffer from renal problems to live more normal, healthier lives.     [Stuart Alexander, Ops Manager, Be-IT]