Family support


Our families will always be the main priority for Kidney Kids Scotland. The Charity supports families both emotionally and financially with anything related to their child's renal illness, whether it be beds or bedding, sheds to store dialysis fluids, help with travelling to and from the hospital, a lsitening ear or putting families who have so much in common in contact with each other. Kidney Kids Scotland's main aim is to help children with renal and urology problems and their families recieve treatment as close to home as possible. We encourage families to network with each other as nobody understands better than someone else going through the same journey. Closed facebook groups have been setup for this reason. Please join if you feel you could benefit. You must answer all questions asked to see if you are eligible to join, we monitor this very strictly no answers no entry.


Living with a Kidney Condition

Dialysis Family Support Group

Nephrotic Syndrome Scottish Family Support Group

After a Kidney Transplant


If you would like help from Kidney Kids Scotland please ask your consultant or social worker or contact us directly on or telephone the office on 01324 555843. Our office is open Mon - Thursday 9am - 5pm. If you would like an answer outwith this time the quickest way to get a response is to email us. We are here to help !!