Caitlin's Story

When my mum was pregnant with me the doctors saw that I had something wrong with my right kidney and later, found out that I had 4 ureters (!) instead of 2. When I was only 14 months old my old retired doctor, Mr Fyfe did an operation to take away half of my kidney and now I have 1 and a half kidneys and a big scar. For years after that I kept getting infections and had to take all kinds of disgusting medicine in every colour! the flavor, was yuck! I've had all kinds of different tests like the tickle test, :-D (you go into a room with light up everything and get a scan.) the swab test which hurts a bit :-(  and the gama camera test. Just now I am 11 years old and i've not had any infections for about a year. (At least I think.) I dont have any infections anymore because I've had 2 procedures in 2010 and the second one has stopped all the infections. If you have a kidney problem like me, sometimes embarrasing things happen to you, but don't worry about it! In 2009 I wet myself because I had some sort of infection that made other things go wrong in my body, like I had fevers in bed, I had to stay off school and I was a wee bit sick. So if you have problems with your kidney like me and you feel like your the only one or that you'll never get better, then don't worry about it because you will get better, ;-) and kidney kids will help you just like the doctors. I hope this makes kids like me who are reading this feel better. Thanks for reading! :-)  Bye!

Written by Caitlin xo :-D