Jake Story

Jake Hossack and his Mum Connie have had a close relationship with Kidney Kids Scotland since 2007 and Jake wanted to share his story.

Connie described her shock and distress when she was initially told Jake had bladder exstrophy at his birth, saying "It affected us tremendously and I went into a state of shock. We were flown straight to Great Ormond Street Hospital, London (GOSH) the day after he was born meaning we spent Christmas in hospital”. Connie expressed how at times she’s felt isolated coping with bladder exstrophy, being a rare and relatively unknown condition.

The  family were elated when they were chosen as one of four hospital patients to represent GOSH at the "Pirate Ultimate Adventure Show” in Mallorca . Jake’s mum Connie said "we were treated like VIPs and the show was awesome, the pirates were the most welcoming and warm people. Jake had the best time ever in his little life!”Since birth, Jake like many other children treated here at GOSH with bladder exstrophy, has been travelling long distances for his appointments in London as the family live in a small Scottish town. Currently, he is on the waiting list to have a bladder augmentation operation (where his bladder will be enlarged using part of his bowel) which will mean he can catheterise. Despite the uncertainty of when he might have surgery and what lies ahead, Connie says that "Jake is one of the happiest little boys” and always has a smile on his face. Connie is determined to keep life as normal as possible for him.

Through telling her story on this website Connie hopes to give comfort to other parents who have a child with bladder exstrophy and may too be coping with extended hospital stays, complex treatments and surgery. During repeated trips to GOSH and their "Pirate Adventure” experience, Connie and Jake have built up caring support networks here at the hospital with both fellow patients and staff.

Anyone wishing to contact Connie to share a problem should phone the Kidney Kids Scotland office on 01324 555843.