Omid's Story

In 1993, I was born with one kidney, which began to fail over time. This meant I would at some point have to go on dialysis, and later have a transplant.

Fortunately, when I was 14 years old, I was able to skip dialysis completely after my mother, Helen, graciously donated her kidney to me. My greatest fear was my mother’s health, knowing a transplant is a crucial procedure. However after Kidney Kids hosted several events for families including a weekend in Dunblane Hydro and a family day out in Blair Drummond, Meeting with families who shared similar experiences, I was put at ease.

Being able to talk to, make friends with and help others who have a similar story not only gave me confidence in the procedure, but also allowed me to enjoy life at a difficult time. Also knowing I helped others with kidney problems made me feel I was able to give something in return for the great help they provided.

Here I am nearly 7 years later, healthy and happy (aiming towards a career in film) purely due to my mother’s inspirational donation. The skill and kindness of the surgeons, doctors and nurses in Yorkhill Hospital and Aberdeen Royal Infirmary made the whole process easier. The generous people involved with Kidney Kids, families included, also helped me greatly through the difficult time. Over the time of the transplant, Kidney Kids ensured I always felt supported.