Morgan's story

Hi, my name is Morgan, I have been a patient at the Renal Unit sick kids Glasgow since I was two years old, I am now nine.


My favourite nurses are Bernie, Eileen and Jackie because they are always kind to me when I have to get my blood pressure and blood tests done. I always get a happy face on my plaster or a pretty sticker for being good.


I have a special teddy called Archie. He came from Yorkhill and I got him when I went for tests to find out what was wrong with my kidneys. Archie and I found out I have a condition called F.S.G.S. this means that I have to go into hospital sometimes as my kidneys don’t work properly so Archie and my Mum always come along. The illness doesn’t go away so it is good that we have lots of help from the special nurses and doctors and all the machines at the Renal unit! The kidney kids have helped put in special people like the Psychologist and the special book to help us understand our illness and why we take our medicines. The good thing is I get to miss school and the bad thing is it can make you feel tired and unwell but Archie is always there to cheer me up! Lots of Love Morgan and Archie