Zoe Buchanan

My Name is Zoe Buchanan. Im 17 years old girl and currently living in the Sheltand Islands. I live with my Mum, Jill Bentley,my Step Dad, Colin Nicolson an my younger brother Liam Buchanan in Lerwick.

I was born weighing 3lb 13oz and was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Russel Silver Syndrome , This affects my growth, mobility and also causes asymerty in my organs. I had one kidney three times larger than the other and only 33% function between them both. My early child hood was spent in and out of hospital and the doctors warned my mum and dad that i may never walk or function independently. This is where my mum first noticed my determined streak!Always smiling. As i got older i noticed i was always different, much smaller than the other children in nursery and school. This never got me down and my determination shone through in every activity i took part in. At the age of seven i began playing badminton. My grandmother andmy Uncle Stuart had both been champion Badminton players and this was why i chose this sport to try. it was apparent from the beginning i was talented. What ive lacked in size i always made up from in strength. At the age of 11 i first represented Shetland in first junior inter county competition, wiping the floor with her opposition. Not only did i play badminton but i got involve in ladies football, table tennis and squash.


Unfortunately at the age 13 my Kidneys Failed. i was put on to dialysis and was connected to a machine for 10 hours a night. This was devistating for me as i was no longer allowed to do so many sports but i insisted that i would not give up badminton and pushed through the awful things i was going through. My mother, Jill was tested to see if she could be a living donor for me to recieve one of her kidneys and Luckily she was. It took another 9 months from that testing for her to be ready to donate. two weeks before the transplant i took part in the Sheltand open badminton championship and Won!
On the 24th March 2010 Jill, my mum, donated her kidney which i recieved in York Hill Children`s Hospital in Glasgow. The operations were long and very stressful for the families but both Mum and I came through. After many complications and several other operations,finally i got to go home 6 months later.
It wasn`t long before i managed to get back into badminton and with continuing difficulties played on. 17 months after the transplant i took part in The British Transplant games in Belfast 2011. I competed in 5 events and came home with 5 medals. Gold in Badminton, Sliver in table tennis and team relay , bronze in shot put and 100m!
Unfortunately I was then Diagnosed with a Hypertrophic cardiomyopothy ( a rare heart condition not connected with the Russel Silver Syndrome) This causes a thickening of the lining of my heart. I have to be monitored regularly for this but as yet it has not altered my performance much on the badminton court. Saying that it was another blow to the family. But i did not let it get me down .
On the 10th June 2012 I was nominated as an Olympic torch bearer by the local community, I was sponsored by coca cola as a future flame. This mean that I am an inspirational young person who could inspire others to reach for their goals.
I was cleared to compete in the 2012 games in Kent only the day before we travelled. I competed in 4 events and received 4 medals, gold in shot put and Badminton, Silver in table tennis and bronze in the 100m sprint. Amazing achievement yet again.
on the 26th September 2012 i received a letter telling me that had been selected to represent Team GB at the World Transplant Games in Durban South Africa in 2013. I believe my determination has brought me this far.
To Compete as a member of team GB will be an amazing experience for Me and also a life goal acheived.
Each athlete has to fund the trip completely by themselves. This is a huge amount if money to raise and we hope that your company will consider sponsoring Me in fulfilling My dream.