We are absolutely delighted to announce that Sunday's ladies lunch at the Colessio Hotel in Stirling raised a grand total of £3405.50.

It was an amazing afternoon overflowing with great food and entertainment. We would like to extend a huge thank you to The Colessio Hotel, the venue was fantastic, the food delicious and all of the staff did a wonderful job.

Another massive huge thank you must go to our entertainers on the day. The wonderful Andy Miller had the ladies dancing in the aisles with his rendition of first Michael Buble and then Robbie Williams. And who can forget the fantastic Elliot Bibby and his 'deck' of cards - wonderfully entertaining act. We would also like to thank Gordon who helps at so many of our events with his DJ and compare skills.

Thank you also to all of the companies and individuals who donated wonderful prizes for the event. Most of all we would like to thank all of the fabulously glamorous ladies who came along - without them there would be no event. I hope that everybody had as much fun as we did. Till next year!